Top Tips to Save You While Gardening

Garden composting is not only a ‘favor’ for our planet, but also for our own production! We can improve the quality of the soil by providing it with nutrient replacement.

Much better and cheaper alternative than the fertilizer available at farm 


which is a much better and cheaper alternative than the fertilizer available at farm stores. Applying it will make our plants more resistant to pathogens and pests.

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DIY watering bottle made of PET

DIY watering bottle made of PET

Developing a complete irrigation system can be very costly, so it is worth trying some alternative methods that we can implement ourselves. To create a “sprinkler” sprinkler, all you need is a single bottle of PET, which has several holes on its side, with a hose attached to the end and placed on the ground.

Drip irrigation can also be done easily with a PET bottle, all you have to do is cut off the bottom of the bottle, gently prick a few holes around the cap, and then dig our new device next to our seedling and finally fill it with water. With this method we can irrigate our plants continuously and in a controlled manner.

Re-use of seeds

Re-use of seeds

Was the previous year a success, was our produce abundant? In addition to the joy of a healthy and economical diet, it is worth thinking about next season.

With the traditional seeds we collect, we can grow our vegetables and fruits again, without having to invest completely in new seeds! Note, however, that hybrid plants are not suitable for this method of cultivation!

What tips and tricks do you use when gardening? 

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